Source of calcium

Source of calcium

Calcium 100% complexed by lignosulphonates

FERTIORGAN CALCIUM contains calcium entirely complexed by lignosulphonic acid. The presence of this complexing agent and the organic matter improve the availability of calcium in crops.

  1. Improves the cation exchange capacity of the soil. Increases calcium availability to plants.
  2. Avoids Calcium precipitation. Increases the pH range in which Calcium is assimilable.

Symptoms of deficiency

The most affected parts are the developing ones, such as buds, fruits …

  • Leaf buds die and young leaves grow deformed, curving down
  • Fruits with cracked skin, “craking”, small fruits…
  • Young leaves die from the margins to the center of the leaf
  • Necrosis develops on young leaves
  • Leafless petioles can develop